Company Profile

Bny Jeans is a Philippine local brand, which is characterized and formed for the living lifestyle of the youth people, who are now in our new modern generation. These are the teens & young professionals that are aware & interested in today's latest trend in music, social networks & especially in the art of modern yet classic fashion.


Trendy yet comfortable. High quality yet affordable. These are just a few of the thigs that come to mind at the mention of Bunny Jeans. Reborn as BNY Jeans in 2001, it quickly gained an even stronger following especially from the teen market.


From its conception in 1992, BNY Jeans has been known for its innovative and youthful style. Pushing the boundaries, continuous experimentation, and careful product development have led to more possibilities. Bny Jeans for teen girls and Bny Unlimited for teen boys are the product lines which both made a significant mark in the local casual fashion, making it one of the most popular when it comes to trend-setting. Using unique textiles, the fusion of fashion and classic themes, the continuous quest for freedom and fun translated in clothing, these are the elements that have established BNY as one of the top local brands in casual teen fashion.